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if it is interim, that one vote could be important. host: a facebook comment, president obama thought raising the debt ceiling was a bad idea when bush was president and said he would not vote for it. guest: with this a filibuster debate that is going on now in the senate between the republicans and democrats, if you go back and read the comments, they were reversed in 2005 when the democrats were filibustering george bush's traditional nominations. i think it is important to do these things on their merits. i think senator obama's vote was a mistake. if there is any truth in this town, it is that there is no dearth of blame to go around. host: how much time did you take to consider the caucus? guest: i did not make a decision during the campaign. i was asked a question almost exclusively by washington journalists. i was virtually never asked the question by people in maine. most people in maine did not care. they said, go down there and try to get something done. one guy yelled across the diner, i do not care who you caucus with. i am with you all the way. the first question was, could i be
personal harm to those at that newspaper, you lose the debate. for example, president obama actually benefited in the election because some of his opponents gheend him personally. my ratings go higher when my opponents cheap shot and lie about me. if your position is solid, sell that don't ability like a thug. janet hasson has forfeited her name among responsible journalists. the gab net should understand that and take appropriate action. nothing else. that's the memo. reaction, with us dr. beth nobel who teaches communications at fordham university. newark, delaware, correspondent for cnn who now teaches at the university of delaware. ralph, we get with you, can you defend ms. has son. >> i'm not in the position to defend any individual editor asking a newspaper or any real news organization to keep public information covered up i think is asking a news organization to do something they just don't do. >> bill: so you think that's what this is all about if they didn't publish the information they would have covered it up. >> the information is already public. >> bill: no they got it
to the white house, president obama, and has helped the president navigate tough policy issues including that fight over the fiscal cliff in which president obama what many consider a fight with republicans to increasing taxes on wealthier americans. so this is someone who president obama has a very good working relationship with. and, of course, this is a key moment. it's a critical moment to take over the spot as treasury secretary. because there are three big budget matters looming. of course, they're going to have to deal with the debt ceiling, the fiscal cliff and the all in the comes months. >> kristen, we look at the optics of this, the inner circle being all white men. what is the tone in washington especially since was the obama coalition that got obama in for a second term? >> well, look, the white house is kernel getting criticism over this issue, especially from women's advocacy groups who are saying there aren't enough women in the top positions at the white house. the white house playing defense on this issue. jed jay carney asked about this saying that diversity is an impo
. [applause] >> the associate press reported that president obama will make a pair of personnel announcements in a few moments expected to nominate chuck hagel as the next defense secretary and counterterrorism adviser john brennan to be the next head of the cia. announcements set for just after one o'clock eastern from the east room of the white house. live coverage will be on our companion network, c-span. join us later today for two q&a programs starting at 6 p.m. eastern, focusing on george may onsowfort professor walterwomans talk -- walter williams, and his libertarian views and how he's been a guest host on the rush limbaugh show. we discuss "citizen soldier" which gets underway at 6 p.m. eastern here on c-span2. >> i think cybersecurity remains the top priority because of the national security implications. we saw that congress failed to reach an agreement on cybersecurity legislation on 2012 as many would have predicted. they remain far apart because industry is very opposed to any sort of cyber security standards. >> i think another big issue is going to be implementing the incentiv
. it is a device to get us running down the road so we expect whatever obama wants because otherwise we have failed to fiscal cliff and how can you be a patriot if you don't do what the fiscal cliff requires. it is much like the land of the wizard of oz where there will be this person hiding behind a machine who will say, raise taxes now. if you don't raise taxes now, you violate the fiscal cliff. do any of you want to be the person who stands up and destroys america by averting the fiscal cliff? you want to go on the national networks and explain that you don't care that america is going to die late on thursday? it's all right if that's the kind of person you are. let the police know that now because we will never schedule you. you'll never be on television because after all you are clearly weird. [laughter] so let me say that there is no fiscal cliff. there are conservatives and republicans are demoralized. get over it. we did a number of stupid things. we faced a those who worked harder, were smarter than we were, one of ronald reagan's most important statements was february of 1975 in washingto
situation room" with wolf start right now. >>> brooke, thanks. president obama as the president's inner circle. also, the fierce spread of the flu across the united states and now a shortage of a critical medicine used to treat it. >>> plus, prominent voices lending support to an unlikely idea of a trillion dollar coin. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> judgment, integrity, and friendship all cited by president obama as he nominated his chief of staff, jack lew, to be the next treasury secretary but the announcement is drawing attention to the makeup of the president's second-term cabinet. it's on track to be dominated by men. our white house correspondent brianna keilar is joining us from the white house. what is the white house saying about all of this? >> reporter: wolf, the white house has been asked about this quite a bit. white house press secretary jay carney has said that the president believes diversity is important and he's highlighted that there are a number of women serving in the white house and in the administration and indeed there are, wolf, and there
... could've had a v8. >> bret: timely tonight, we are getting ready for president obama's second inauguration, a big speech, a lot ofy moment and at times like this it's looking back at history. president obama took his ad-mile-an-hour ration for one former president to new heights. >> people have been asking me a lot about the film lincoln, and, you know,. >> is this your lincoln moment. >> well, no, look. a, i never compare myself to lincoln and b. [ laughter ] >> it's tough. it's just tough. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, the massacre at the movie theater. today court. chilling testimony. what brought officers on the stand to tears. plus, warring in washington. as the president named his picks for two key positions. nominees on the front line of our national security. >> these two leaders have dedicated their lives to protecting our country. >> shepard: former senator chuck hagel for secretary of defense and counter terrorism advisor john brennan for t
day, sooner or later, he is going to say obama had a good idea. >> but what we know is that canter was not interested in finding common ground with the president, but interested in remaking the republican party. as a leader of the so-called "young guns" on the hill, canter was recruiting like-minded candidates for the midterms. he called them, coached them and answered the text messages and raised lots and lots of money tor them and through his pac in 2010, canter donated $657,000 to soon to be new members of the house, and he helped to raise millions more for their campaigns, and when the 112th congress was seated with 87 gop freshmen, eric canter had a lot of new allies. his party was in the majority and he was not the whip anymore, but the leader with influence rivalling john boehner's. for his part, joe biden increasingly became president obama's go-to fix it man with a hand from iraq to afghanistan to the new banking regulations to the auto bailout, and he is now regarded by some as the most influential vice president ever, and the last up with was dick cheney which is why the
to "washington journal" on this thursday, january 10, 2013. in the news today, president obama sees more cabinet changes. he's expected to name advisor jacob lew to the position of treasury secretary and labor secretary hilda solis has announced her plans to resign. the vice president continues meetings today on gun issues with hunters and gun owners, including the n.r.a. yesterday he sat down with advocates of gun control. we're focusing the "washington journal" this morning on the issue of immigration, its policies and politics, and we'll start by asking you what changes, if any, you'd like to see in immigration law. here are the numbers to call. democrats, 202-585-3880. republicans, 202-585-3881. and independent callers, 202-585-3882. we also have a live set up for illegal immigrants. they can call us at 202-585-3883. we're also online. you can join the conversation on social media. accepted us a tweet by writing, @cspanwj. or chime in on facebook. look for c-span to weigh in there. we also take emails, journal @c-span.org. interceptions of immigrants stubborning low, border security efforts
for that report. >>> the obama administration may be stepping up its push for some form of new gun control legislation. but will the president be able to rally the support of congress? most importantly, the american public at the same time? we'll dig deeper with our chief political analyst gloria borger. here's what the president recently said on "meet the press." i'll play the clip. >> we're not going to get this done unless the american people decide it's important. and so this is not going to be simply a matter of me spending political capital. one of the things that you learn, having now been in this office for four years, is the old adage of public opinion. without public opinion there's not something you can't do and wut it there's very little you can't get done in this town. i'm going to be putting my full weight behind it. >> now, remind our viewers why so many democrats have been reluctant to even talk about gun control over these past several years. >> yeah. it's almost 20 years, wolf. it goes back to 1994. that was the big election which republicans took control of the congress.
about today. president obama welcomes afghanistan's president hamid karzai. the two will discuss the nature of the troop presence in afghanistan after 2014, which is when the nato combat mission is declared over. the obama administration floated the idea of removing american troops all together. president karzai met with secretary of state clinton last night over dinner. and joe biden plans to deliver recommendations from the gun control task force to the president on tuesday. yesterday, the vice president met with representatives on various sides of the issue. the former head of a movie industry group argued movies aren't behind the violence. the nra step ahead way from discussions and said they were in attack of second amendment. dan lothian has been following developments for us this morning. sol folks said they see some consensus in some areas. when you listen to what the nra said, they sounded very disappointed with the meetings. >> that's right. we sort of expect thad coming in. it wasn't a very big, bold expectation from the nra, saying they were coming to simply listen to
latino, finalmente despert y reelegi a obama. ---hoy un grupo de estudiantes de san jos dieron un primer paso para reiniciar el debate. take 2 box ---jaime peluffo nos amplia.. jaime.. 0:01 0:10 0:30 0:40 0:57 1:43 1:53 take pkg ---a partir del proximo lunes, los estudiantes indocumentados graduados de preparatorias californianas... take vo ....podran solicitar en internet las becas "cal- grants" para asisitir a la universidad. ---los soÑadores que sean aceptados, comenzaran a recibir la ayuda financiera a partir del proximo otoÑo. ---se cree que cerca de unos 30 mil jovenes soliciten la ayuda estatal que seria de unos 12 mil dolares anuales para sus colegiaturas. stop open blanca ---se vuelve a registrar otra balacera en un plantel escolar; en esta ocasion aqui en california. take vo ---un estudiante fue herido de bala en la preparatoria del poblado de "taft", una comunidad cerca a la ciudad de bakersfield. ----segun la policia, un estudiante de 16 aÑos, entro armado con una escopeta a un salon de clases y disparo contra la victima y otro alumno, pero err el segundo tiro. ---un maest
he wants to go and what the obama administration says about it. plus, john boehner holds on to the speaker's gavel. >> jon: new year, new congress. >> the chair will administer the oath of office. >> the nation's lawmakers today sworn in at ceremonies on capitol hill. but serious divisions remain, including some potential cracks within the republican party. tonight. the house speaker's difficult road ahead after the fiscal cliff. and tomorrow's promised vote on aide for victims of super storm sandy. plus, the students of sandy hook elementary head back to school for the first time since last month's massacre in newtown. >> they wanted to see their teachers and they just want, like we all want, normalcy. >> jon: across the line in new york, a legal battle is brewing over a newspaper's controversial request to publish the names of gun permit holders. tonight, a county clerk stands his ground. >> that's seriously not even funny. >> dramatic winter rescue after a half dozen people fall into a frozen lake. i'm jon scott in for shepard smith. house speaker john boehner hangs on
to you. connell: more to come on that breaking news. rich live at the white house. dagen: president obama will nominate his chief of staff jack lew as the next treasury secretary a little more than two hours from now. connell: joining us now is from the "wall street journal." >> he will be directing economic policy for the president and he's a long-time washington insider. he worked for tip o'neil. he worked for bill clinton. he's worked on the budget for president obama. [talking over each other] >> there is a revolving door there. he did go in 09 and he came out with a lot of money despite the fact that citi bank was limping along and had to be helped out by the government. dagen: when he worked just as one example in the clinton administration he was considered reasonable but not now. why? >> i think the big part of it is how he performed when he worked for president obama in the first term. but it's also i think most people expect him to be very much like an alter ego of the president. he subscribes to the ideas that the president has, that the big problem in this country is not how t
that, the weekly addresses by president obama and michigan, x-men dave camp. -- michigan congressman dave camp. then the british arms export policy. tomorrow on "washington journal", discussion with john feehery and jim manley. then a look at the perks of congressional service with daniel shuman. and a discussion about president obama's foreign-policy agenda. "washington journal " live at 7:00 a.m. on c-span. >> the big discussion that i remember was, what is richard nixon going to do? >> i remember going home that night, scared to death. this is like a time bomb. if this thing gets into the press, it is a disaster for all of us. >> he came to me and said, the presidents council has just brought me a list of 50 names of people. he wants a full field investigation. that is a very unpleasant thing to have happened to you. >> it was shortly after the farewell speech. i cannot remember exactly what he said. he said, we forgot a resignation letter. i will be interested in reading it. he said, you do not get it. you need to write it. >> i thought the best way was not for me, as a historian
there u.s. domestic politics, president obama did not want to further alienate the powerful domestic public ownership lobby, gun ownership lobby prior to the election. that was a problem. we had a terrible tragedy this weekend seems to have changed opinion in the states. first of all do you think, terrible thing to say, have a positive effect on actually getting agreement from the united states? but secondly, and you mentioned other armed export countries you want on board, to what extent is it countries like russia and china actually will determine how effective a treaty is if it is finally agreed by consensus? >> to the last comment, the treaty that involves those countries that sign and ratify it will be dramatically more effective. russia is a major arms exporter as is the united states. and so we do want them in it. i think it is too early to say, really it's, analysis of u.s. domestic politics, well the u.s. politicians might find difficult at the moment to say how the terrible outrage last week may have affected this but we had reached a point in july with the inclusion of amm
. and president obama just a minute ago nominated jack lew as treasury secretary. we'll take a look at both issues coming up in business. [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits. delicious. but say i press a few out flat... add some beef sloppy joe sauce... and cheese fold it all up and boom! i just made an unbeatable unsloppy joe pillsbury grands biscuits. let the making begin. that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so delicious...so fun. >>> nominations for the 85th annual academy awards announced this morning in beverly hills. >> hosts seth macfarlane and emma stone announced the nominees. "lincoln" was the clear winner, receiving 12 nominations, including best picture, best director and best actor, nods for daniel day lewis, sally fields and tommy lee jones. >> "life of pi" came away with 11 nominations. >> here's a complete list of the nominees for best picture. beast of the southern wild, zero dark thirty, lincoln, life of pi, amore, the silver linings playb
, sunday night it o'clock on -- at 8:00. >> president obama talked about the deal reached by congress, and what needs to be done to address the deficit. house ways and means committee called for changes to the tax code. >> hi, everybody. over the past two years i have trouble the country. i told you if i was -- traveled the country. for the first time in two decades, we raised taxes on the wealthiest 2% of americans will preventing a middle-class tax hike could have thrown our economy back into the recession. under this law, more than 98% of americans and 90% of small businesses will not see their income taxes go up one dime. we major that millions of families will continue to receive tax credits to help raise children and son to college. companies will continue -- send dthem t them to college. 2 million americans will continue to receive unemployment benefits. all of this was one step in a broader effort to grow our economy and shrink our deficits. we still need to do more to put americans back to work, while putting this country on a path to pay down its debt. our economy cannot aff
anunciada por el presidente obama pronto podrás tramitar ese perdón antes de tener que salir del país. o sea, si te conceden el perdón, sabrás al salir del país que ese castigo nefasta no te afectará. 2. mi nombre es cristobal y soy salvadoreño y residente permanente de los estados unidos. le estoy dando papeles a mi esposa. ella tiene una hija de 13 años. ¿cómo tengo que hacer para adoptarla para que consiga papeles la niña también? cristobal, no necesitas adoptar a tu hijastra. la ley de inmigración permite que tu pidas a tu esposa y a tu hijastra, siempre y cuando te cases con la madre de la niña antes de que ella haya cumplido 18 años. tu hija tiene 13. por eso califica. además no tienes ni siquiera que hacer una segunda petición para la niña. ella está incluida en el caso de la madre siempre y cuando le salgan los papeles antes de que ella cumpla los 21 años. felicidades. ...gracias al abogado pertierra.. vamos a una pausa..pero enseguida regresamos con la informacion deportiva...asi que no le cambie. buenas tardes a todos y bienvenidos a los deportes en otro dia donde
to be the best of the best operations according to both shell and the obama administration, and it turned out to be no match for the arctic. one of my colleagues put it quite well earlier today when he was talking about this can't be another paper exercise. they have to really dig into what happened here, and the secretary salazar said he didn't want to pre-suppose any inclusionsconclusions but it's hard to cool to any conclusion but that shell screwed up, and the arctic is no match for the technology they'll put up there. >> cenk: the arctic sounds like to "the young turks" too strong. i'm skeptical about the administration because i've seen when they've reallowed drilling in the gulf coast. well, the safety precautions you know, it's a work in progress. that makes me really concerned. is my concern about the obama administration in this realm justified or not justified. >> totally justified. shell has a lot of egg on their face right now. but the fact of the matter is the obama administration pretty much okayed this operation. you look at what shell is trying to do. the whole process is a d
that the bauks fundamentally shifted its poll di-- obama administration fundamentally shifted its policy by moving away from targeting unauthorized immigrants through high-profile rates to targeting actually employers who hire unauthorized workers. since june -- since january of 2009, i.c.e. has audited more than 8,000 employers. it has debarred 726 companies and imposed about $88 million in criminal monetary fines on employers. a very significant -- and the last thing on the work force that i will touch on is there has been an increased effort on the labor standards enforcement in our country. we all know that labor standards enforcements always takes less priority in our overall enforcement system. there are only 1,100 inspectors in the division to monitor about more than 7.5 million u.s. business establishments. that obviously is not going to do the job as efficiently as one would like to. therefore, the department of labor has more recently gone into more smarter, more targeted enforcement of those employers who habitually violate the laws on the books on labor standards. and in indu
julian assange and the information coming out about how the u.s. government, despite president obama's liberal policies, has been one of the harshest administrations toward whistle- blowers. >> this is interesting. it is certainly true that the obama administration has been among the harshest on an external whistle-blowers. however, the obama administration has been -- especially this new administration which managed to cram through a whistle-blower protection act and expand it for government whistleblowers, is offering protections they have not had for decades. so he wants them, whistle- blowers, to be able to work without retaliation within the system. he is very much opposed to information being released willy-nilly by people inside that just ended all over the world. we interviewed assange right after the wikileaks issue, he believes that all information should be there, regardless of the possibility of innocent victims. he is a person who believes that, no matter what the consequences are, the information should be out there. a lot of the wikileaks stuff was pretty niggly stuff,
of the federal "defense of marriage act." the rulings are expected sometime in june. >>> president obama is urging congress to act quickly and confirm his nominees for defense secretary and cia director but cbs news reporter susan mcginnis says another capitol hill battle seems to be looming. >>> reporter: president obama announced his pick for the next heads of the pentagon and the cia. now they need congressional approval before they can get to work. >> we need to move quickly. >> reporter: senator chuck hagel is the nominee for secretary of defense. a former n listed man and vietnam vet, the president says hagel can relate personally to america's troops. >> to this day chuck bears the scars and the shrapnel from battles he fought in our name. >> reporter: but winning confirmation won't be easy. some of hagel's former senate colleagues call him hostile toward israel and soft on iran. >> i'm waiting for an explanation. i want him to make the case as to why he should be the secretary of defense. >> reporter: confirmation hearings here on capitol hill
in promise from president obama to take concrete action to prevent a repeat tragedy. >> but big political obstacles remain. athena jones at the details from washington. >> members of congress in both chambers are taking aim at guns. >> this is a fight that the american people will have to stand up for. >> california democratic senator dianne feinstein plans to introduce a bill to ban more than 100 assault weapons. >> another senate bill will then high-capacity magazines. among a dozen gun bills introduced on day one in the house background checks for all firearm sales should be recorded. >> to build some republican congressmen would allow more guns around schools. >> the only thing that stops a bad guy with the gun is a good guy with a gun. >> there are better than 32 gun murders every day. gun- control groups keep pressing for action. >> if you are talking about maybe banning high capacity ammunition magazines that might be possible. >> the nra is the big issue but i would not nestle s.a. is on the republican side onl is on thnot say it is on the republican side only. some democrats are
will be available and we are sure they will go quick. >> present obama plans to name former republican senator to cable as his nominee to become defense secretary to replace outgoing director leon panetta. some lawmakers are voicing opposition to his nomination. republican senator lindsay gramm expressing concern about hegel's past positions. the decorated war hero but a party line by opposing its research and i rock. they will have to overcome local opposition from pro-israel league groups who object to is that if i run and hamas. he also face opposition from gay-rights groups from a comment he made in 1998 for a disparaging then president bill clinton's nominee for u.s. ambassador to luxembourg was openly gay. present obama will be nominating john brennan for the director of the cia to replace david petraeus to resign are with the scandal regarding his affair. britons are than the cia for 25 years where he currently serves as the president's top counter-terrorism adviser. president obama consider britain for the top c.i.a. job and 2008 the british withdrew his name amid questions about his c
be and lin net gibson -- lynnette gibson. >>> three hours from now, president obama will nominate former republican senator chuck hagel as defense secretary. coming up at 7:15, why members of hagel's own party say they are against his nomination. >>> at the same white house event this morning, president obama will nominate john brennan as the new cia director. he's currently the counterterrorism and homeland security adviser. he's also a 25-year cia veteran. president obama considered nominating brennan for the job four years but brennan withdrew his name after being criticized during the bush administration. >>> 49ers fans are ready. in a couple of hours tickets go on sale for saturday's big playoff games against the green bay packers. but knows tickets will not be easy to get. ryan flores is live in san francisco. any idea how many tickets are up for grabs, ryan? >> reporter: very few, dave. very few. that's the latest we're hearing from the team. if you are a 49ers' fan you are probably hoping this week goes by fast because you are looking forward to the game and it was messed to be a
face to face right now by these two men, president obama and afghan president hamid karzai. and these two men don't always see eye to eye on those issues and more. cnn's dan lothian is watching this. dan, of course, we're always interested in what they have to say and there's a news conference scheduled for about 1:15 eastern time, but are we exine expecting any big announcements or pronouncements? >> reporter: we've been told by white house aides not to expect any big breakthroughs to come from this meeting. it is a chance for both leaders to sit down and talk about what happens next after 2014, the political, the economic, the security transition. some have suggested, as you said, that they should bring that number down to zero, so zero troops on the ground there after 2014. leon panetta, the defense secretary, saying that that would be a bad idea. what's most likely that there will be a few thousand troops on the ground there in afghanistan after 2014 to help in the transition. there's big concern as to whether or not the afghan forces are prepared, are ready, to handle
regardless of your politics on obama care. looking at energy very selectively and looking in cyclicals and some areas of consumer discretionaries. there may not be as much pop off the bet there but looking at global credit markets as well, adding to that yield advantage that may be available there, but you'll have to pick better stocks and better bonds. >> kenny, what are you seeing? >> i'm seeing, maria, that we've hit the top. struggled with 1472. it is a high and feels bullish but in the short term we're going to hit some resistance here. i would suspect the market will back off. a couple of issues in front of us at the end of the month. i suspect if there's any sense at all that they are not going to compromise or negotiate you'll see the market come right back in. that being said i would use that, any weakness opportunity to jump right back in because i do think my sense is that the market wants to go higher this year, want to go higher this year. our economy is stabilizing. economies around the world are stabilizing so i think it's a good year. >> where are you seeing the convict
. the head of fox news sent to the staff before the election, if it looks like obama is winning, don't act like somebody ran over your dog. some did, but mostly they did not. >> we live in an age now where it is possible to little league be hermetically sealed off -- possible to be hermetically sealed off from any idea that is by yours. i'm wondering, many people pointed out, is there a difference in the way the press used to behave 150 years ago when everything -- we live in an age of 24/7 cable networks. is it impossible for one point of view to ever listen to another point of view? >> it is entirely possible. you are right about that history. i have spent a big chunk of my book recounting the history of journalism from the invention of the written word to the year 2042. a little sci-fi at the end. over and over again, that period, that golden period so basically is the golden age of consensus media. it happens because, contrary to centuries long historic trends and begin getting cheaper, did was a creation of a medium that was when more expensive, television. which required assembling e
supported the mission, president obama has taken a been there and done that approach but we haven't been there for 40 years and the international partners who would have helped us have never been there. if we cannot lead the world with space, china and russia will inevitably feel the way that we left behind, and that will have a trickle-down effect. the number of people at the train as scientists and engineers to keep america's pre-eminence not in space but practically everything else. so, dr. pace, will you describe the problems caused by the cancellation of the consolation program and what is needed from congress in this current fiscal environment to ensure the success of the space launch? >> thank you, sir. that is a tall order. i think one of the crucial things the consolation program was supposed to do is to provide a smooth transition for the work force and for the capability the nation has off of the shuttle program to what ever came next. and we've lost that now. the deep integration between the low earth orbit and the destinations that was hoped for i think is also gone. i would
, california. republican line. caller: hi, pedro. first of all, i was stunned that obama was re-elected but i'm pessimistic about the nation's economy and future of it. but for my own personal standpoint i'm optimistic about my situation. i have been unemployed a little over two years and i was under the impression i would get 99 weeks in california. but because of the formula i only got 70-something and it is long gone. but i learned during the last couple of years that california used to be almost impossible to get permanent disability but now there's attorney services advertised on tv to say they won't charge unless you get a reward from disability. and they say there are ways to get it in california that you are probably not aware of. so i'm going monday to check that out. and i think that i'm a republican, of course, but i may join the democrats now. i'm for the welfare society and entitlements. i'm going to get permanent disability and be set for life. host: when you look at how you gauge whether you are worried or optimistic as a whole what do you look at? what factors do you look at?
half hour. the president and michelle obama held hands at the airfield and bid farewell to the well wishers and got on board air force one. they spent the last day at the hawaiian rental. they are scheduled to land at base and drews. and we will show you more later. >>> the search continues for a man who was last skydiving in washington state. crews have narrowed the search to a quarter mile area near the mountain east of seattle. kurt ruper was wearing a brown and green wing suit and that suit may be making it hard for the rescuers to spot him in the terrain. >>> crews were outlooking for the plane carrying italian fashion designer vittorio missoni. and he was traveling with his wife and two crew members. the plane vanished. the designer house was founded by his father. >>> this is a rape case involving two football players and a 16-year-old girl. >> more than a thousand protestors, some wearing masks demonstrated in front of the steubenville courthouse yesterday. this showed a video, they were joking about the rape last august. >> more people charged as accomplices. they are bette
certainly is an obama loyalist, remains to be seen. i will say, you know, there's probably a little more contention in washington surrounding jack lew than there is, perhaps, on wall street right now. ashley: all right, jack. let me bring you in -- david, i'm sorry. jack, you had, we've heard from you. let's bring in david on where investors can make money in this market. what do can you like spa why? -- and why? >> sure. well, i'll make a comment on commodities. some people are very eager to jump back into gold. just remind folks that if they invested in gold in 1980-'81, it took maybe 25 years excluding the time value of money just to break even. but we do have representative portion, so an asset allocation for us might include 5-10% in commodities such as gold. as for fixed income, we are not long. we think there's more risk than upside. but clearly, munis, especially in the increased tax environment, still attractive as are some high-yield, some floating rate including some private debt alternative investments to provide some current yield while we continue to sort of muddle along du
said he hopes to visit the united states soon for a summit with president barack obama. >> translator: through the meeting i want to show my country and also the world that the strong bond between japan and the u.s. has been restored. >> abe said japanese and u.s. officials are now working out the timing of his visit. prime minister abe's special envoy conveyed the willingness to improve ties with south korea. the president-elect park gave a positive response. they pointed out the need to face bilateral issues. abe hopes the new governments can build good relations. he handed park a letter from the prime minister expressing the wish. park said south korea and japan need each other in many ways. she said she hopes to work on reconciliation and cooperation while facing issues related to their common history. >> translator: we confirmed our shared view that we should improve ties from a broad perspective, even though there are several outstanding bilateral issues. >>> south korean president lee myung-bak visited disputed islands in the sea of japan last august. japan claims the islands w
but is expected to face opposition by those who say it's filled with port barrel projects. >> barack obama the state of illinois has received 332 votes, mitt romney the state of massachusetts has received 206 votes. >>> vice president joe biden released the electoral vote. the constitution says it's not official until the electoral college votes are counted. >>> the new film zero dark 30 about the killing of osama bin laden is drawing high praise as well as some pointed criticism. ktvu's rita williams tells us about a controversial part of the movie that has people protesting. >> never legal, never moral, never accepted. >> reporter: an unusual protest outside an emeryville theater today about this. the new film zero dark 30 about the hunt for osama bin laden. >> i'm not your friend. i'm not going to help you. i'm going to break you. >> reporter: in the movie the interrogations inclued waterboarding and the implication that torture provided the information that led to osama bin laden. senators dianne feinstein and former pow john mccain say that's not what the cia told them. >> torture doe
para hacer una declaracion fiscal. topvo ---la unica latina en el gabinete del presidente barack obama anuncio hoy que renuncia a su puesto... ---hilda solis, quien hasta hoy fungio como secretaria del trabajo presento su renuncia al mandatarioy dijo que buscara nuevos horizontes y ademas quiere volver a los lugares y gente que la han inspirado. ---antes de asumir su cargo en la administracion del presidente, solis habia representado su distrito del sur de california en el congreso federal... stop open blanca ---hoy se efectuaron trabajos para reforzar el dique del arroyo "san francisquito" en east palo alto, que como usted recordara se desbordo en el mes de diciembre. ---sin embargo esto no trae mucha tranquilidad a los vecinos. ---pilar niÑo converso con algunos de ellos hoy y nos muestra parte del trabajo que se efectuo. 0:01 0:31 0:42 1:13 1:28 1:48 2:09 take pkg cinco mil bolsas de arena fueron puestas hoy a lo largo del rio san francisquito en east palo alto, para reforzar el dique y evitar que se repitan inundaciones como las del pasado mes de diciembre. la estamos pisando para
the president of mexico should meet with president obama and give him some good ideas. >> as long as she has her health, nothing seems likely to slow her down, not even retirement. >> shares in boeing have fallen after a dream minor suffered a fuel leak. this comes today after another dreamliner blogging to japan airlines had been on board fire minutes after touching down in boston. >> another incident to hit japan airlines and its dreamliner aircraft. the flight was traveling from boston with 178 passengers on board. the crew reported a fuel leak and headed back to the terminal. it is the second incident in two days to hit the airline and this type of aircraft. on monday a fire was discovered on board soon after passengers and crew arrived after a 13-hour flight, and and exploded battery is being blamed. this is not the first problems since it first entered service in october of 2011. in july of last year they grounded all of the 787's after a gear box made one of the engines failed. last month and three minor developed electrical issues, and another had to change flight in the air because of e
years. obama has to finish out his term and hillary is going to take another eight years. rubio will help for the republicans but he is cuban and the latinos are not going to go for mexicans and latinos. you have to remember the cubans had kennedy and the russians and all that. the latinos will not follow you as they would a real latino. >> host: what was your first about speaker boehner? >> caller: he needs to have a republican presidents to have any help. >> guest: it's a very fair point. one of the real problems right t right now is in the republican party and even within the conservative movement. so many people were banking on mitt romney winning the presidential election and so much of what we have seen on plan b in the house on the fiscal cliff and senate and the house is a reaction of not having the power everyone expected or hoped for coming out of the 2012 election so there's a real question on what is moving forward. your question about hispanic vote is an interesting one because beyond all these fiscal issues immigration is likely to bubble up in 2013 is a major issu
. we'll have the latest and the ceo join us later in the show. >>> well, today president obama is set to nominate white house chief of staff jack lew as his next treasury secretary. succeeding tim geithner. lew has been budget director in both the obama and clinton administrations. he will pray a major role of course in negotiations over the debt ceiling and potential spending cuts. the president will make his announcement at 1:30 eastern. it's an event in the east room at the white house. i have to say off the bat just because he's a forest hills guy like me that i, you know, may be a little affinity, we grew up in the same town. >> that alone could be good. >> different generation. >> maybe a technocrat is what's necessary. no one tells me this guy is acrimonious. the talks may have been. but when we're trying to figure out what to cut, maybe you just need a guy who knows his way around the budget as opposed to a federal reserve guy. i thought tim geithner did a great job, though, and i know i find myself in the minority on that, but he came to the rescue of the system in apparel hu
of her are good at that. people are terrified of. she got her caucus to vote for obama care and a lot of them lost their jobs. >> be here at 2:00 p.m. with your best jacket. >> 61 democratic congresswomen, it's the most -- highest number ever. she wanted to memorialize it but four of them were late. >> so forever they will be photo shopped in the back. it's a pretty good photo shop job. because it looks like they are there. >> why don't do you this for the votes. y i didn't actually vote for that because i couldn't be on time i would like to vote and add. >> photo shop in your vote. i like that. make an app. >> let us know what you think about it friends@foxnews.com. you think it's unseemly for them to have photo shopped in or is that the digital age we are living in where can you do that later? >> meanwhile do your headlines now. >> i photo shopped your head on so fee a -- >> thank you. >> my personal collection. >> thank you. let's get to your headlines right now. attacks on the ground and in the air on syrian rebel post in neighborhoods surrounding the capital there. the military p
president obama first took office the unemployment rate would be close to 11%. that is how many people have given up. question is will things get better this year? will americans be more prosperous. here a lou dobbs and your prediction is? >> i think we're going to see things improve. not as much as we like but improve substantially so we're on the way to prosperity again. i really believe that. >> bill: what going to drive that? >> we're all going to paying higher taxes including the working people because their social rated going up 2 percentage points. >> i think what is going to drive it is a return to some energy in in the housing market. we're starting to see that, higher prices and march more sales. i believe we're going to see as a result what is happening in washington, d.c. an awareness. republicans have surely learned a licenses. this president has learned a. >> think he is going take it to the limit. think that is what he is going to do. he is doesn't care about public opinion any more and he is going to take as much money from lou dobbs as he can get. in the process, because i'
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